We need to concentrate on the opportunities, not problems: interview with Yves Rosseel

Miesięcznik Społeczno-Kulturalny MUTUUS
Nr 03, KWIECIEŃ 2017 r,


Wywiad przeprowadził: Piotr Sadłowski

Who are you and what you do everyday?

- I’m Yves Rosseel and I’m from Belgium and I’m working in the Knowledge Center. We don’t use the word library. We use the word Knowledge Center because knowledge is much more than a library. We have this big center in Roeselare, a city in northern

Belgium.This Knowledge Center is a great name. Should every library be named like that?

- I think it’s very important. Why do I use the word Knowledge Center and not library is because if you say library people will always think about books and I think some people don’t like books but they are interested in knowledge in general.

 There can be knowledge about sports, about culture, about history, about politics so I think it’s better to call it Knowledge center so you can be more relevant to different groups of people. Libraries I think they are associated with reading and not with thinking and that’s why Knowledge Center is better. It has much broader sense and not only to young people but also for bussinesmans who are working on the projects with companies because I think that it’s very important to remember that Knowledge Center is a hub between education, business, government and so on. That’s really our role.

But how did you get to this ERASMUS project and what do you do exactly here?


- I’m the manager of Knowledge center and I was very interested to see this first international session in Poland in Gdańsk. Beautiful city, you are from Gdańsk?


And I wanted to see how it works. Because we are organizing the last session in Brussels. So I also wanted to have an inspiration. How do they handle it, how are they doing it. But I also wanted to see what should we do when we invite everyone to Brussels. For instance I have been talking this morning the member of Polish parliament and she is a member of political party of Mr. Donald Tusk so I think it would be very interesting if we could invite him or someone from his staff to Brussels on 27th of January. So this is the reason why I’m here. I want to feel it, I want to have an inspiration for the January session.

Do you think this project will grow over the years? That more people will take part in it and even some very important ones?

- I think this is our role. I think a library, a Knowledge Center is to connect people in all aspects of society. Like here we talk about democracy. Nowadays is very important to talk about the democracy. And we, the libraries are the last neutral public space. We really need to  take that role. I don’t think that there will be more initiatives I think we have to take care so that there are more initiatives. I’m here to see what will be the next European project. We, here talk about the future. We need to set up new European projects because I really think that European project is a beautiful project that we need to concentrate on opportunities, not on problems. I think that we should invest in new projects on the european level.

But do you really have the vision of the new project? What will be the name and topic of it?

- For instance there is something especially in Belgium but I think global everything that is important is health. You know that those things *pulls out an iPhone out of his suit* you can use them to look at your blood pressure, your condition and so on. The basic thing is that this *points at phone* is a big business. This is very important in your life and it will be even more. The problem is that people, the older people, they don’t know how to use it. So I think it’s really important to learn also on health literacy. So I’m now looking for partners in Europe to make this project. Because health literacy is really hard. We need specialists, software developers, hardware developers.

 This is also business, this is also employment. This is about literacy, this is about education. So in my opinion We should also think on projects that are more focused. For instance growing older and getting responsible for your health. This is the project that I’m working on very hard in collaboration with Europarliamental, brand new hospital and specialists and I think that’s what we need to do because that is also business. It’s really important and to do this on a global or European level.

 I believe in Europe. That it takes care of people. That it makes them healthy. Either their mind and their body. I think it’s really important and it creates a lots of opportunities.


Interviewed by Piotr Sadłowski- EYIA reporter

Photo by Weronika Szpucha- EYIA photographer


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