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Tim Burton's movies always counted as extraordinary and inimitable. "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street 186" is not exception among them. Even after one pic, gloomy story about London barber Sweeney Todd and his co-worker, stays in memory for a long time. Sweeney Todd was one of the legendary felons, such as Jack the Ripper.

They commited crimes that send shivers up and down spine. Stories like that turned out to be interesting for literature authors and movie makers. One of them is Tim Burton. From materials released along with the movie, I found out that he was inspired by the play which was staged since 1970s. What is interesting, he was on this play approximately 12 times. Similarly airs Stephen Sondheim, who composed music for the musical. For both of them it was ideal occasion for creating something special. Filming began on February 5, 2007 at Pinewood Studios, and was completed by May 11.

The main character played by Johnny Depp, arrives in London, accompanied by sailor Anthony Hope. Fifteen years earlier, he was falsely convicted and sentenced to penal transportation by the corrupt Judge Turpin (Alan Rickman), who lusted after Barker's wife Lucy (Michelle Kelly). Baker adopts the alias "Sweeney Todd" and returns to his old Fleet Street shop, situated above Mrs. Nellie Lovett's meat pie shop. He learns that Turpin raped Lucy, who then poisoned herself with arsenic. The couple's daughter, Johanna, is now Turpin's ward, and is the object of Turpin's lust. Todd vows revenge and re-opens his barber shop after Mrs. Lovett returns his straight razors to him. Todd and Lovett grow their vicious business on murders and pies from mystery meat. The end of the movie reveals all the intrigues and riddles which were erected before spectators. Leading roles belong to the actors that collaborated with director many times. Depp, Bonham Carter and Burton make formula fo unique movie.

For me, Johnny Depp is one of the greatest and at the same time underrated modern actors. From the beggining his performance in the movie wasn't sure, because nobody knew if he really could sing or not. Opinions were divided unitl they heard sample of his singing. Depp's singing abilities have to be appreciated for the sake of him not being musician by profession. We don't experience mistakes in his singing, furthermore his voice is electrifying and impressing. As Depp is one of the main movie bonds, his loss would bear another. His way of acting also has to be appreciated - sense that what we see on the screen, not only is adaptation but is entirely real. Actor's movement and his mimics perfectly fit into climate creation. Johnny Depp is such an original actor that I can't imagine somebody else playing this character.

Helena Bonham Carter as Mrs Lovett also did her job as good as she only could. Taking lessons of singing and baking, she put much effort to play her role the best. It wan't easy for her to get the role, even if she was in relathionship with the director at that time. However finally she turned out to be the best candidate and she got the role. Although Bonham Carter alike Johnny Depp isn't musician by trade, she composed her voice with him. Together, they made suprisingly good duo. Bonham Carter's creation of Mrs. Lovett is intriguing and charming. I tend to think that both creations are magnificent and deserve to be awarded by American Award. Unfortunately it only ended on nominations. Movie received Oscar for Best Achievement in Direction, Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy, Best Actor for Johnny Depp, Saturn Award for Best Horror Film & Best Costume, Empire Award and Evening Standard British Film Award for Helena Bonham Carter (and of course many others).

There are also magnificent actors in the other part of the cast such as Alan Rickman, Timothy Spall, Sacha Baron Cohen, that shine through their acting talent, without leaving spectators unsatisfied. Then in respect of acting and music we can't expect something better, but what about technical stuff? For that matter adaptation is also faultless. Gloomy, gothic, dreary, scruffy London gives the perfect reflection of Tim Burton's original imagination. Different colouring and visualization wouldn't got across this movie character. It also concerns to the actors appearance - paleness of skin, dark circles (just like something from director's autobiography) as well as clothes from Victorian times. There was presented such a real image of XIX-century world, without making it unduly sweet. In intellection it had to be old-like horror scenography and this effect, in my humble opinion, it was achieved.

Perhaps as a person who desperately appreciates Tim Burton work, Bonham Carter and Depp acting, I have to admit that estimating the movie I'm not so objective, but even as a average watcher I would tick that the film is interesting and worth watching it once again - for the plot, directorial and thespian genius. Sweeney Todd belong to this kind of characteristic movies adressed to recipients with formed cinematic taste. Drama, detective sotry, musial, thriller? You have to decide on your own.




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