Embodiment and metamorphoses in dans (en) / Amelia Emma Forrest

Miesięcznik Społeczno-Kulturalny MUTUUS
Numer 02, marzec 2017 r.

Amelia Emma Forrest



Amelia’s work concentrates on embodiment and metamorphoses. She tries to concentrate on sensation and experience believing that through this way you can break down the wall between audience and performer. Instead of watching something the public has truly lived something. One of the main companies she feels is a great example of this kind of experience and who is also one of the main sources of inspiration for Amelia is Motimaru Dance Company. Amelia’s work always has a structure and specific energy connected to the piece, it is not open improvisation however she believes in leaving enough freedom to still be manipulated by the space, time and energy. This freedom she feels is what feeds the authentic experience of a performer. If something comes, discover what it is for once it’s gone it’s gone and if it comes it is a gift.

Amelia’s most recent work Veil was shown in Berlin at Eschloraque in collaboration with Mathew Wernham (actor/performer), Adi Dulza (visual art/installation) and Adam Ghaoul (music). Veil was originally inspired by Shunga, sexual education books that used to be given to young girls before marriage. This then transformed into something more universal. In daily life we use clothes to protect ourselves, under our draped selves you find our “fetish” our ecstasy.

"Two swans in a veil.
Ripples and reeds.
Drop me into daily existence.
Behind the cloth.
My unseen pleasure.
It´s only human.
Trust gathering storm.
Metamorphose into you."

“We all contributed equally in this production. When collaborating I like to share images, experiences and inspirations of a theme with my fellow artists, however I believe in leaving as much freedom to the artist as possible. This demands a lot of energy from collaborators, I was so lucky to have such a brilliant team of artists on board with Veil.”

Amelia Emma Forrest
Freelance Dancer & Co-Director of Amma Dance Theatre 

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